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We are able to offer two types of pickup services from the UK, these are:

  1. Standard Pickup: This service can be booked Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.  Please be advised that your UK contact has to be available during this time-frame as collection is done anytime between 9am and 5pm to avoid failed pickups.
  2. Express Pickup: This is a premium service and can be booked Monday to Friday within a 1-hour time slot. 

Kindly provide us with the information below to enable us generate a quote for your pickup

Pickup Date (required)

UK Contact's name (required)

Your email address (required)

UK postcode (required)

Content (required)

Estimated weight in kg (required)

Type of UK pickup (required)

Number of parcels to be picked up(required)

Please note that the estimate to be provided is exclusive of the cost of courier to Nigeria, as we will be unable to quote for this until your order is received and weighed by our UK office.

We also require a notification when payment is made please.

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