Terms & Conditions

1. Our current charges are based on our current exchange rate of N350 = £1 which is subject to change as circumstances may demand. Our rates are inclusive of a 5% VAT charge.
2. The handling charge is payable per transaction and expires after one month if we have not received any parcel on your behalf during this period. If you shop from ten stores in one transaction the charge is N5,250 and entitles you to one home/office delivery provided that the items are received within 7 days from the date the first parcel is received.
3. In the event that your parcel is less than the prescribed minimum weight we will charge the cost for 2kg, 10kg or 20kg as applicable.
4. Storage charges will be levied on parcels whose delivery/pick up is delayed due to non-payment, insufficient delivery information and any other such reasons, as follows:
• 10kg and below – N500 per day
• Above 10kg – N1,000 per day
5. All weights are approximated so if your parcel is 5.2kg for instance, this will be treated as 6kg.
6. Weights of parcels are calculated based on volume or actual weight, whichever is higher.
7. All payments due to Jand 2 Gidi are required before delivery to your door or collection.
8. If pickup is required, please send us the postcode, contents of your parcel and approximate weight to enable us provide you with a quote.
There are two types of pickups:
• Standard pickup: Pickup will occur between 10:30am and 5pm. The parcels picked up will be received at our UK office the following working day. The cut-off time for booking collection is 10:30am UK time. Payment of the handling and pickup charges must be received before this time.
• Express pickup: Pickup is timed and can occur at any time during the day as long as pickup is booked before12pm. The parcels picked up will be received at our UK office the same day.
9. For item(s) you would like us to order for you, please send us the links with sizes and quantities to enable us prepare a quote for purchase. The Naira equivalent of the total spend must be sent to us before the orders are placed.
10. Should Jand 2 Gidi place an order on your behalf from a store, Jand 2 Gidi will not be responsible for any losses caused by your dealings with the store.
11. Clients are required to disclose the full contents of all parcels being sent as Jand 2 Gidi will not be responsible for loss or damage to undisclosed items such as fragile or luxury goods.
12. All parcels received by Jand 2 Gidi are subject to being opened for controlled inspection as it makes its way to you in Nigeria. Edible items, furniture and other goods imported using our Not In A Hurry service may attract additional government levies including NAFDAC and Customs charges.
13. Should a refund of the initial handling charge be required, a 30% deduction will be made before the refund is processed.
14. Weekends, public holidays, delays caused by customs or by compliance with mandatory local security requirements or other events beyond our control are not included when we quote our delivery times.
15. Insurance for shipments may be made available upon request. Jand 2 Gidi will not be liable for damages to any items imported without opting for insurance.
16. Consolidation of parcels will only be possible if you opt for our Not In A Hurry delivery service which requires a minimum of 20kg per shipment.
If you are expecting several parcels on our other delivery types each batch will be weighed individually and rounded up to the next whole number.
Monday (New Look): 0.4kg (charged as 1kg)
Tuesday (Harrods): 5.4kg (charged as 6kg)
Thursday (La Senza): 0.2kg (charged as 1kg)

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    Jand 2 Gidi is a Lagos-based business which commenced its operations in November 2013 to provide international inbound and outbound shopping logistics services with a view to meeting the logistics needs of corporates, small businesses, shopaholics as well as those moving back to Nigeria. In its totality, Jand 2 Gidi seeks to bridge the gap between patrons in the Nigeria and the world at large.

    Jand 2 Gidi also assists clients with making online purchases on their behalf where required.

    Excellent customer service provision in every sense is paramount and forms the very foundation upon which Jand 2 Gidi was built. At Jand 2 Gidi we believe that the shopping logistics should be seamless and we strive to ensure that this belief becomes each client’s reality. Client feedback is always welcome as we recognise each client as a stakeholder in the building of the Jand 2 Gidi brand.

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