Living in Nigeria, we have a number of struggles and we all agree that shopping should not be one of them. We are here to help with all those worries.

Our Services

We dispatch parcels from the UK everyday between Monday and Friday, and can deliver parcels of various sizes, but the minimum chargeable weight varies

We dispatch parcels from the US every Friday, and can deliver parcels of various sizes. Our minimum chargeable weight on this service is 2kg. Delivery

Parcels destined to countries outside Nigeria may be dropped off at our Lagos office on or before 12pm for same day dispatch. Collection from location

Jand2Gidi may make purchases on your behalf if you so require. To use this service please send us an email with links to each item you wish to purchas

Jand2Gidi may pick up your shipments from any location in the UK. For this service we require the relevant postcode, estimated weight as well as a b

Need a parcel delivered anywhere in Lagos? Our Gidi2Gidi service is available between 10am and 6pm from Monday and Saturday. Our rates* are as follows

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  • About Us

    Jand 2 Gidi is a Lagos-based business which commenced its operations in November 2013 to provide international inbound and outbound shopping logistics services with a view to meeting the logistics needs of corporates, small businesses, shopaholics as well as those moving back to Nigeria. In its totality, Jand 2 Gidi seeks to bridge the gap between patrons in the Nigeria and the world at large.

    Jand 2 Gidi also assists clients with making online purchases on their behalf where required.

    Excellent customer service provision in every sense is paramount and forms the very foundation upon which Jand 2 Gidi was built. At Jand 2 Gidi we believe that the shopping logistics should be seamless and we strive to ensure that this belief becomes each client’s reality. Client feedback is always welcome as we recognise each client as a stakeholder in the building of the Jand 2 Gidi brand.

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