So, Jand2Gidi Worldwide has started a blog…… What do these ones want to write about, you may rightly ask. Lol!

On this blog we intend to share more behind the scenes, challenges, successes and basically the real experience of running a business in Nigeria, through the eyes of Jand2Gidi Worldwide. Activities on the gram, pictures, accolades and the likes may make entreprenuership seem like a walk in the park but errrmm the reality is FAR FROM IT!

Posts here will be penned by Kike and Ama – the Co-Founders at Jand2Gidi Worldwide, and from time to time the rest of our team may also contribute their two cents. We will be as frank as possible and we look forward to not just embarking on this journey but also to being consistent in posting. We will not have writer’s block, we will not be too busy to post, we will not lack content, we will not be BORING….so help us God! Amen.

Please share what you would also like us talk about over time and we will be sure to put our spin on it, and share our experience, if any. While we are here, allow us to re-introduce ourselves! We are Jand2Gidi Worldwide and we are in the business of doing our best at ‘Channelling Smiles One Delivery At A Time’. Maybe we should keep the rest of our intro till another time? Let’s not bore you before you zone out… LOL!

Till next time, keep channelling smiles in all you do!

*speedy hugs & kisses – Kike*



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  1. Anonymous 2nd January 2013 10:32 am / Reply
  2. Seyi 3rd August 2018 8:19 am / Reply

    Looking forward to this!

  3. Mubarak 3rd August 2018 12:20 pm / Reply

    Well done 👍🏼

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    Jand 2 Gidi is a Lagos-based business which commenced its operations in November 2013 to provide international inbound and outbound shopping logistics services with a view to meeting the logistics needs of corporates, small businesses, shopaholics as well as those moving back to Nigeria. In its totality, Jand 2 Gidi seeks to bridge the gap between patrons in the Nigeria and the world at large.

    Jand 2 Gidi also assists clients with making online purchases on their behalf where required.

    Excellent customer service provision in every sense is paramount and forms the very foundation upon which Jand 2 Gidi was built. At Jand 2 Gidi we believe that the shopping logistics should be seamless and we strive to ensure that this belief becomes each client’s reality. Client feedback is always welcome as we recognise each client as a stakeholder in the building of the Jand 2 Gidi brand.

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