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I ditched my 9 to 5 as a newly wed!!!

This I must say must have been one of the scariest things I have had to do at the start of my married life.

I still remember it like it was yesterday, my husband and I had just settled in to our new home and were adjusting to living with each other, sharing bills in the house, then ‘BANG’ this happened.

My office was slowly pulling out of Nigeria and the options in front of me were to move to Dubai with my office (this was a no-brainer as im not a fan of long distance relationships talk less of a long distance marriage in its early days), find another engineering job or pursue Jand2Gidi fulltime and see where it leads.
As much as I love Chemical Engineering and believe it is the best course in the world and love the accompanying paychecks, I had never really enjoyed any of my engineering jobs , so finding another engineering job was not something I was keen on. This left me with the option of pursuing Jand2Gidi fulltime.

I had a chat with my partner, Kike to see if we were on the same page. We were both very nervous and I remember we both individually read articles online that said, if you are not afraid about your next career move then it is not worth it and the fear fuels you to succeed. This was the fuel we both needed to approach our husbands as we had both just gotten married that year and were about to drop the bombshell that will make us more dependent on our spouses.

I remember mentioning the idea of doing Jand2Gidi fulltime to my husband, he looked nervous and abit unsettled about it and asked me if I was sure because he knew the effect it will have on our finances especially since I was a shopaholic. Being the supportive husband he is, he asked me to think about it carefully, pray about it and write out how Kike and I intended to make it work, will we be getting an office or working from home, had we tied up all loose ends with our vendors. We agreed to try out Jand2Gidi fulltime for a year and if it didn’t work I would go back into the 9-5 world.

Before I forget, we also spoke with Pastor Godman (our Pastor from the Elevation Church) about our intentions and he also encouraged us to give it a shot and prayed with us about it.

Kike and I agreed to try it out for a year and were determined to make it work.  We first invested in our own personal laptops as we had been using the office laptops which we had to return when we were leaving. We then decided to get an office workspace and went scouting for spaces in VI and Lekki. We saw all sorts of office spaces from the dingy backyard ones that were expensive to the posh, serviced ones that were way out of our league.
As God will have it, we found a newly completed small office space in Lekki 1 with a kitchenette/store and bathroom. It was nicely done up with lovely wooden blinds. It was in the boys quarters of an office building. As soon as we saw this space, we knew this was it and had already envisioned how we were going to setup. We took our husbands there and they helped negotiated with the estate agent for a good deal.

It is important to note that Jand2Gidi as a side hustle actually paid for our laptops, office space, all office equipment and salaries. Cool huh?!!!!

It was so exciting setting up our little office. Kike and I went to all the stores together picking furniture, electronics, stationary, internet providers and so on. We called the various artisans to help with setting up our office space and in less than a week we were all set and ready to go.

I remember our very first day in the office, we agreed on opening and closing hours and we were both in before 9am. Whenever family or friends called to ask where I was, I proudly replied ‘I’m in my office.’

Thank God for our amazing support system (our husbands, parents, friends) who stopped by to see our new space bearing gifts. I think our parents were the most surprised bunch to see that their children were very serious and had actually  set up ‘shop’.

We were always excited to be at work. Kike and I made up the customer service team, accounts department,  social media team, sales and marketing department and even did the deliveries ourselves to ensure we did not disappoint our customers. It was so much fun.

Sweet memories….we started out small but we were content with it because we knew where we were heading. We were very proud of our mini office and not shy to let anyone that asked know where our office was. We are still on a journey and are so glad we took that first step with the support of our wonderful husbands even in the early stage of both our marriages.

I can go on and on but I think I’ll summarize by saying, don’t be afraid to take that bold step from your 9 to 5 to entrepreneurship. Pray about it, talk to your spouse or spouse-to-be, come up with a business plan and ensure you follow though. Be true to who you are, don’t listen to the naysayers and be content with where you are, start small but think Big!

Till next time, keep channeling smiles in everything you do.

Ama xoxo

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So, Jand2Gidi Worldwide has started a blog…… What do these ones want to write about, you may rightly ask. Lol!

On this blog we intend to share more behind the scenes, challenges, successes and basically the real experience of running a business in Nigeria, through the eyes of Jand2Gidi Worldwide. Activities on the gram, pictures, accolades and the likes may make entreprenuership seem like a walk in the park but errrmm the reality is FAR FROM IT!

Posts here will be penned by Kike and Ama – the Co-Founders at Jand2Gidi Worldwide, and from time to time the rest of our team may also contribute their two cents. We will be as frank as possible and we look forward to not just embarking on this journey but also to being consistent in posting. We will not have writer’s block, we will not be too busy to post, we will not lack content, we will not be BORING….so help us God! Amen.

Please share what you would also like us talk about over time and we will be sure to put our spin on it, and share our experience, if any. While we are here, allow us to re-introduce ourselves! We are Jand2Gidi Worldwide and we are in the business of doing our best at ‘Channelling Smiles One Delivery At A Time’. Maybe we should keep the rest of our intro till another time? Let’s not bore you before you zone out… LOL!

Till next time, keep channelling smiles in all you do!

*speedy hugs & kisses – Kike*



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    Jand 2 Gidi also assists clients with making online purchases on their behalf where required.

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